Mini-Wallpack Light

Mini-Wallpack Light


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PHOTOTONIC TECHNOLOGY: The Dusk-to-Dawn feature employed by this lamp uses a small photocell to detect the presence of available and/or existing light.  If no light is detected, the aperature will turn on once motion is detected.

LONG LASTING: These luminaries have an average lifespan of 15,000 hours.

COLOR ACCURACY: These lights have a high CRI of 70 which provides the best visual aesthetic for things being illuminated by this fixture. 

DURABLE: These lighting structures are able to withstand heavy wear & tear because of the extremely strong poly carbonate shell. 

FULL-COLOR SPECTRUM: This lighting fixture is available in all levels of brightness ranging from 3000K up to 5000K.



 Performance Data Lumen Output Electrical Data ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

·Input Voltage: 110-277V, 50/60Hz

·Power Factor : > 0.9 at full load

·Total Harmonic Distortion: < 20% at full load

· Luminaire is qualified to operate at ambient temperatures of -40 °C to +50 °C.

FINISH Exterior parts are protected by a Super Durable thermoset powder coat finish that provides superior resistance to corrosion and weathering.

A tightly controlled multi-stage process ensures a minimum of 3 mils thickness for a finish that can withstand extreme climate changes without cracking or peeling.

Available in textured and non-textured finishes. . WARRANTY · Five-year limited warranty is standard on luminaire and components .

Lumen Ambient Temperature (LAT) Multipliers Ambient Lumen Multiplier 0℃ 32℉ 1.02 10℃ 50℉ 1.01 20℃ 68℉ 1.00 25℃ 77℉ 1.00 30℃ 86℉ 1.00 40℃ 104℉ 0.99

Series Input Power Color Options Finish 30K 3000K 40K 4000K 110-277VAC 45K 4500K

BR Brown WH White BL Black GR Gray 120 208 240 277 MODEL LEDS LED CURRENT SYSTEM WATTS Current LUMENS LPW   5700K,70CRI Performance Data MODEL LEDS LED CURRE RATED WATTS 3000K,70CRI 4000K,70CRI 4500K,70CRI 5000K,70CRI 50K 5000K 57K 5700K WP401-13W-XXX-XX-XX WP402 26W PC Photocell 00 No DIMMING LED Wallpack Light 110-277Vac Includes WP401/WP402/WP403

·Suitable for wet locations.

·Certified to ANSI C136.31-2001, 3G vibration standards.

·Luminaire and finish endurance tested to withstand,000 hours of 3 elevated ambient salt fog conditions as defined in ASTM Standard B 117.

·RoHS compliant. Consult the factory for additional details.

·Precision-molded proprietary acrylic lenses provide multiple photometric distributions tailored specifically to building mounted applications. The Wallpack Light is available in 3000K ( 70 min. CRI) or 5700K (70 min. CRI) configurations. result of end-user environment and application. Actual wattage may differ by +/- 10% when operating between 110-277VAC WP402 1500 WP402 42 0.09 26W 0.21 0.12 0.11 0.09 The Wallpack Light distills the benefits of the latest in LED technology into a high performance, high efficacy, long-life luminaire. The energy savings, long life, and easy-to-install design of the Wallpack make it the smart choice for building-mounted doorway and pathway illumination for nearly any facility. Replaces 75W MH or HID fixtures, either case , with energy-savings of up to 75%

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