Your Ultimate Smart Light Switch Guide of 2021

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The days of having to remember which switch and light correspond with each other are over. These smart electrical switches will make the lighting in your house as convenient as a flip phone!

With these smart electrical wall switches, you can turn on any appliance regardless if it’s plugged into an outlet or not from anywhere at any time without even stepping foot outside.

Ultimate Smart Light Switch Guide of 2021

What is a Smart Light Switch

Smart light switches are the most luxurious and arguably one of the coolest upgrades you can make to your home. With these smart devices in place, all it takes is a simple voice command or control from any wall switch in my house (thanks to that new fancy remote) for me to turn off lights without having much effort at all!

The best part is that I never have an excuse when friends come because they know how beautiful this luxury upgrade makes my life. Not only does it give me complete power with convenience, but it also gives them full access to their friend's world like nothing else.

Imagine the feeling of being able to control your whole house remotely from a single device. With the smart electrical switch, you’ll be able to turn off lights and power outlets with just one tap on an app or by using voice commands through Google Home, Amazon Echo, Apple TV, or even Alexa-enabled devices like speakers!

How is Smart Electrical Switch Different From Tunable Lighting Switches?

There is often confusion around whether smart switches are just tunable lighting systems. Tunable lightbulb colors can be adjusted to your liking, with different temperatures for morning coffee and nighttime relaxation.

You might want a high color temperature in the morning when you’re getting ready or winding down at night after work; otherwise, it would make sense to opt for cool weather during the evening time.

Smart bulbs are a wonderful invention, but they’re just regular light bulbs! They only work when you flip the switch on and off. If someone flicked it off while I was sitting in my living room - no power would be going to the bulb, making me feel vulnerable whenever anyone enters or exits from that door.

However, linking them up with intelligent switches can help me enjoy greater functionality and convenience; even if one of those smart switches gets turned off, all lights connected through will still function as usual without being difficult to turn back on again.

How Do Smart Light Switches Work?

Smart light switches are the next big thing in building smart homes. Setting them up is quick and easy, so once you have your home set up with one of these bad boys, it'll be more accessible than ever to turn on a lamp or dim some lights from anywhere- even when you're halfway around the world!

Smart light switches use existing wiring and connect wirelessly to allow you to turn them off from anywhere as long as you have a WIFI connection. To enable Alexa, Google Home, or Siri access to control these smart devices at home, all you need is built-in compatibility like GE InControl Dimmer Switch (ZigBee).

Pairing them up is easy: just plug the indoor or outdoor electrical switch into an outlet near where it will be used so that there's no need to run new wires across rooms.

Most smart switches require a 2.4 GHz home Wi-Fi network to function correctly. The frequency is slower than 5GHz networks but has the advantage of giving you an extended range from your router. It helps to establish connections with other devices in your house, such as lights, for example.

What Can You Do With a Smart Electrical Switch?

How about we set up a schedule that has our lights turn on when it's dark outside and off at sunrise? Or maybe you're more interested in turning your light switches into voice-activated ones. They work with Siri or Alexa to get things done hands-free!

With the tap of a single button, they can be configured for any occasion - bedtime reading, dinner party ambiance, or movie night experience. You could also sync them with other intelligent devices, so triggering one automatically triggers others like motion sensors, buttons, and locks as well!

What a smart life!

Why bother with getting up to turn on the lights when you can do it just by asking Alexa?

Not only that but if you forget to turn off some lights before leaving for work in the morning or coming home at night--no problem. Smart switches let you control them via your smartphone. And there are various programs available, too, such as time-based schedules, which will automatically power down all of those hard-working bulbs. So, they don’t keep running late into the evening hours, wasting electricity.

You might want warm light shining through your windows during colder months like winter (or any season really), while other times may call for something much brighter instead; however, keying off whichever mood is best suited for each occasion has

How Much Does Smart Lighting Cost?

The cost to install a smart light switch ranges from $50-60 on average, but if you plan on getting an electrician to do the installation for you, it can range anywhere between $35 and up. Even though this is more expensive than buying a regular old wall outlet with no intelligent features, these switches are worth giving every penny to make life so much easier!

Installing smart light switches in your new home is a no-brainer. These high-tech gadgets will save you money on energy bills by only turning the lights when it’s time to use them, and you can control them remotely from any electronic device! They also help keep things safe since your kids won't need to run into dark rooms anymore.

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Building a new home or planning major renovations can be an overwhelming process. The small cost of smart lighting will significantly increase the functionality and value for your family while also helping you sell faster!

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