How To Clean The Bathroom Exhaust Fan Covers In Your Home

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The bathroom exhaust fan is your best friend. It’s the coolest spot in your bathroom; regulating the temperature of your bathroom, venting out the hot air, and bringing in the fresh air are some of its functions. But don’t forget about its cover!

A bathroom exhaust fan cover’s job is to keep the fan’s noise down, keep germs and dirt at bay, and make your fan look pretty! Therefore you should clean and disinfect the cover daily. This is crucial because if you don’t take care of this part of your HVAC system, mold and mildew can grow and make breathing difficult for you and those who suffer from allergies, asthma, and other breathing problems. Excessive lint or dirt can also clog the cover creating difficulties in air filtration.

And no, removing the cover isn’t a tough job! Let us show you how simple it is to remove the cover, scrub off the dirt using a damp cloth with dish soap or bleach water, then rinse with a hose sprayer. You’ll be amazed at how much cleaner your home will feel after just one weekly cleaning! We have more tips about cleaning your bathroom exhaust fan in our blog post today!

Tools You Will Need

Take a pair of work gloves to protect your hands from scrapes. Suitable work gloves also help let you take a firm grip on the cover without letting it slip, which is why they’re essential in any remodeling job! Next, grab yourself some safety glasses that can prevent dust particles from falling into your eyes. At the same time, you prepare for your next step. Keep a particle mask handy to ensure you don’t inhale debris, mold, or fine particles from the wall or ceiling. 

Removing The Cover

If you’re looking to install a bathroom exhaust fan, there are three mounting styles available: ceiling mounts, wall-mounted, and those that can be placed on either the wall or around an existing fixture. Some models have clips for securing them, which might not show up in your installation process. You should wiggle the cover to locate the clips if you don’t see any screws holding the cover in place. Once you’ve found the clips, gently pinch them to release the cover.

If there are no clips in the fan, inspect the cover for screws and try to remove those. In case the screws are attached to the fan cover, keep in mind that these screws are very small and hidden on the side of the cover. Keep a hand on the cover so that the cover doesn’t fall off when you are unscrewing. Look for metal mounting wires on the sides of the fan cover and gently squeeze the thin metal wires and take them out of the slots in the ceilings.

The Cleaning Process

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Cover Cleaning Tips

Now start cleaning the exhaust fan cover. This will enhance the fan’s function and prolong its longevity. You will need a big bucket, cleaning solution (water+liquid soap), scrubbing brush, and towels to clean the entire cover. When taking off the cover, place a sheet on the floor under the exhaust fan to catch soot, dust, and debris falling from the ceiling as you work. This will create a lesser mess for you.

Take the utility bucket, pour cleaning solution (water+liquid soap), and soak the fan cover inside the solution for 15-20 minutes. While the cover is still soaking, use a handheld vacuum to remove dust from the ceiling’s edges and the exhaust fan. Then use a long-handled scrubbing brush to thoroughly brush and clean each groove of the cover. Take a long, clean towel and dry the cover. 

The Finishing Touches

Once the cover is cleaned and dried, it’s time to put it back in its original place. Squeeze the metal screws and fit them back into the slots of the fan base. Next, give a gentle push to the fan cover-up until it’s securely fixed into the fixture. To test if your fan is working, turn the fan on from the circuit. A good idea to inspect if your fan is working properly or not is by sticking a thin tissue or toilet paper and hold it up near the fan. If the fan sucks the paper up easily, then you can ensure the placement is fine. 


Prepared to be amazed at the increased efficiency of your exhaust fan after you’ve just cleaned it. You will observe that your bathroom is completely free of steam and fog. No more suffocation from lack of proper air ventilation, no more humidity, and no more allergy problems. That’s why it’s so important to clean your exhaust fan cover once in a while. 

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