How To Clean And Perform Exhaust Fan Cover Replacement

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For many people, a bathroom extractor fan is a luxury. They don't understand how much of a difference this simple machine can make to hygiene and comfort.

If you've never had an extractor fan before, you might be wondering what they do and why owning one is a good idea. However, if you have used one before, then chances are that it doesn't work as well as it should. Or that you have been avoiding cleaning it and exhaust fan cover replacement for as long as possible! In either case, this article can help with both problems.

What is an Extractor Fan?

How To Clean And Perform Exhaust Fan Cover Replacement

An extractor fan, otherwise known as a ventilation fan or bathroom/toilet extractor fan, is usually fitted in bathrooms to ventilate the room. The bathroom extractor fan sucks the air out of the room via a grill on one side of it.

Depending on how big your bathroom is and how much moisture there is inside it, you might have to have more than one bathroom extractor fan to help remove steamy air from the room over time. This will reduce the chance of condensation building up on surfaces such as tiles and mirrors, which can cause problems later on if they aren't dealt with.

A good-quality extractor fan will also include carbon filters designed to take out any bad smells.

How does an extractor fan work?

Extractor fans take away moist air from the bathroom. This means there is less dampness on the walls and the floor. It also means that there is less condensation inside or outside of your windows. That means no more watermarks, which add to the bathroom’s charm - and no more fog on mirrors!

An extractor fan pulls moist air from a room through an extractor ducting system under the exhaust fan outer cover. This guide on cleaning a bathroom extractor fan will show you how to do this by yourself.

All extractor fans need regular maintenance to make sure they are working at their best. 

This bathroom extractor fan guideline gives you helpful hints about checking your home for signs of damp, cleaning out the ducts every three months, and fixing any problems that may arise with the fan itself. The article will also show you how to clean the inside of the extractor fan, considering that it may be a little dusty or fifth depending on what is going on in your home.

What are the Benefits of Having An Extractor Fan?

By removing steamy air from bathrooms caused by showers or baths, an extractor fan will help prevent dampness and condensation from forming on tiles and mirrors. This is good for your home as it prevents problems like mold from appearing.

With carbon filters fitted to remove bad smells, this also helps reduce the risk of flies and other insects plaguing your home, which is ideal if you live near any farms that could attract them.

Using Extractor Fans in Other Rooms Too!

How many bathrooms you have to use and how much moisture each one generates over time will determine how many bathroom extractor fans you need to buy.

If you find that your house suffers from condensation on walls and ceilings, it may be worth investing in some extractor fans to help control how much moisture appears. They're easy to fit yourself, so you don't have to pay for an expensive electrician or plumber to do it for you.

How Can I Clean My Extractor Fan?

To make sure your extractor fan continues to run smoothly over time without getting too dirty, you must regularly clean out any debris which builds up inside the unit. This is how you can get rid of built-up dirt. Unplug the extractor fan from its power source before cleaning it.

Method 1

Put a large bucket underneath the unit and gently remove the exhaust fan outer cover and grill (a pair of pliers will help with this). Use a dustpan and brush to sweep out any excess dirt.

Method 2

You can use a vacuum cleaner if you want to make sure there isn't any loose dirt left behind before putting the grill back on. Once done, plug your extractor fan back in and switch it on to ensure everything is running smoothly.

That's how you clean an extractor fan, as well as how much benefit they can provide for your home!

Final Words

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