How To Choose the Best Energy Efficient Light Bulbs for Home?

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Energy-efficient light bulbs consume less energy than any traditional bulbs to produce the same illumination. These types of light bulbs are commonly referred to as "compact fluorescent lamps", CFLs or just "fluorescent". 

These bulbs have been in existence for more than 100 years and were first patented in Britain by Sir Joseph Swan in 1878. However, energy-efficient light bulbs didn't really become popular until the 1990's when a study by the California Energy Commission found that using these types of lights could save about 70% in electricity costs compared to normal incandescent lights.

How To Choose the Best Energy Efficient Light Bulbs for Home?

Types of Energy Efficient Bulbs

There are several different options for the best energy efficient light bulbs today. We have rounded up some of the available and affordable options for you.


LEDs are the most recent form of energy efficient bulbs available, and they work by emitting a bright white color when electricity is bent through them. These light-emitting diode bulbs work best in well-lit spaces because of their directional nature and in some cases can be used as traffic lights.

These bulbs can produce both warm white light and cool light depending on the design used with them. LED bulbs are extremely versatile in the lighting they can produce and therefore have been growing in popularity.

Try the Dimmable LED Lights, or Pin LED Lights from Electric Supply Depot. They can be an excellent option to lit the corners or cabinets.


This type of bulb is commonly known as a “compact fluorescent lamp" or CFL and is available for both indoor and outdoor use. Due to special design, these best energy efficient light bulbs turn on instantly with no flickering during ignition and cool and incandescent within around 15 minutes. 

These best energy efficient light bulbs also can last up to 10 times longer than traditional compact fluorescent lamps (CFL).


Halogens are best known as "Quartz halogen compact fluorescent lamps (CFL)s" or "quartz (CFL)" and were designed to last longer than traditional lighting. Although they have a lower price tag than other lamps, it is still vitally important that you make sure that these bulbs aren't used with any overhead flammable objects in the room. Otherwise, you could be risking fire or burns.

How Can You  Choose the Best Energy Efficient Light Bulbs for Home?

You need to consider your lighting needs in the first place. You need to make sure that you will install the most effective light bulbs in the right areas for the best energy efficiency. Here are tips to pick the best ones from different types of light bulbs.

Use bulbs with higher lumens per Watt output to light areas where you really need something bright, like a garage or an indoor garden. Lights with lower lumen are affordable but higher Watts of use should be used in living spaces as well as other places that will require more subtle lighting.

Bulbs that come with different color temperatures are ideal so you can switch from warm white light to cooler light depending on your mood and how much light you want. You may also choose those that come with dimming capabilities. These are available on our website and you just have to buy them depending on your preferences and lighting needs.

When buying your new set of light bulbs, do not forget to check if they come with product warranties as well as other terms applying to them. All these things should be stated in the product packaging so make sure you read everything carefully before purchase.

  • Always choose the most suitable lighting system depending on your property's intended use and where it will be installed. Here are the main types we should know: 
  • Area lights are perfect for outdoors and garages and other areas that need bright lights such as shops or workshops with open spaces.
  • Chrome lights are perfect if you need more colorful and elegant lighting. These can also help improve your mood so it is a good idea to use this type of light in the living room or bedrooms.
  • Track lighting is mostly used in offices or kitchens because they help light certain areas but do not disturb people's workspaces with bright lights.

Among all these types, there is no single factor that stands out when it comes to choosing the most effective bulbs. However, the lumen output per watt factor helps you quantify how much power will be consumed by that bulb and thus how much money you can save from electricity bills. This factor will be crucial while picking the best smart light bulbs for your home.

Pick suitable lighting kits if you want to make your house look more elegant and modernized. Choose the ones that produce less heat too because, after all, it does not really help if the lights increase the temperature inside your home.

You can use light bulbs to make your home look more modern and elegant; however, you have to choose carefully because not all of these products are equally effective and practical. It is actually very important that you compare their features such as prices, wattage outputs, and lumen outputs per Watt used before purchase to ensure they fit your budget requirements.

Electric Supply Depot Has the Right Light Solution

If you need more light, the most logical choice would be to buy more bulbs; however, it is always better to consider other options such as installing more lights instead. Why? It is because there are different types of lighting systems on sale right now, each with specific features and purposes.

Electric Supply Depot has a wide range of floodlights, energy-saving light bulbs, and other lighting kits. If you are not sure which set-up will be the best for the interior or exterior of your home, our experts are there to extend help. Simply go over our inventory, insert the right lighting options in the cart, and let us know.

In conclusion, there is most definitely a big difference between choosing and buying the best types of bulbs and simply selecting those that look better with no consideration to their suitability in different environments. Therefore, invest some time researching relevant information before purchase so you will not regret the final investment in the long run.

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