A Comprehensive Guide For Shopping LED Strip Lights

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LED strip lights are prevalent these days. Not only do they make your room light up like a fairyland, but they are quite affordable and easy to install. LED lights are more in fashion these days because they are more efficient, long-lasting, don’t generate much heat, and the list goes on. Forget halogen bulbs; led strip lights are the new trend!

Need advice on buying strip lights? You’re in luck! Today, we have prepared a comprehensive buying guide where we will elucidate more about the types and share tips on buying smart LED strip lights.

Types of LED Strips

Before buying LED strip lights, you need to know their types to help you choose the best light according to your requirement.

A Buying Guide For LED Strip Lights

DC LED Flex Strip Lights: These flexible strip lights are run by DC and have an adhesive backing, making attaching them easy and convenient. They are waterproof, and the length can be easily cut.

AC LED Flex Strip Lights: These strips run through the electricity from the outlet. Just plug in, and they illuminate like stars.

LED Rope Light: The lights are much more flexible, encased and used in several directions. 

Important Factors To Consider While Buying Strip Lights

Length Of The Strip Lights

You should consider the length of the LED strip lights before you buy them. For starters, think about how much brighter output or higher light quality you want. For brighter output, you need LED strips that have the highest number of LEDs. If the LEDs sit too spaced, they can produce spotty lights instead of clean and constant light. Similarly, too closely packed lights can give off quite a harsh stream of light that can highlight only the portion where the light illuminates. Therefore taking proper measurements is required rather than picking lights just by reading the details in the package.

The Brightness

LED strips now can create brighter and more efficient light thanks to progressive technology. However, that doesn’t mean all the lighting strips are equally bright. To determine how much brightness you want, you need to look at the lumens. Lumens are used to measure the brightness of LEDs. For example, if you consider buying strips for accent lighting, look for lights with 200 Lumens per foot. For more brightness, opt for lights with more lumens.

The Strip Color

The main attraction of LED lights is their colors. There is a wide range of colors available for you to choose from. Colors like Beige, White, Cool White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, etc., are some of the most common and frequently used colors. You can also opt for color-changing lights called RGB strips. They display a motley of colors like Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow with patterns. You can switch between the patterns of flashes or just choose a solid color. 

Installation Process

When shopping for light strips like these, you need to have a clear idea of how to mount these lights and operate them. DC LED strips are the easiest lights to operate as they have adhesive behind them, so you can just stick them anywhere. Other installations can be a little difficult, considering you need to cut them, mount them and use wiring. Be sure you have your area measure, and you know how many lights are required. Know your strips’ power and the voltage requirements. Do you want waterproof lighting? How flexible should the strip lights be? These questions should be explored before you buy lights.

Color Temperature

Color temperature is differentiated by ‘warm’ and ‘cool.’ The warm color is represented by a reddish hue, and the cool color consists of a bluish hue. The temperature is measured in Kelvin to represent the color temperature. This is done to suit the arrangement of a place; if you have a dark place, opting for a more warm tone can brighten up your room. On the other hand, the cool tone can help keep your room colder. It’s all about the preferences, after all.

Wattage of LEDStrips

The wattage is also a significant factor while choosing the best LED light strip lights. Doing so makes it easier to figure out the total wattage depending on the number of linear feet of strips you need. Finding the total wattage also lets you know how much electricity your lights consume.


When you calculate and make your list considering all the above mentioned factors, you will get some suitable options for LED strips. Although it looks intimidating, buying strip lights isn’t that difficult. All you need to do is take the proper measurements and check wattage and lumen to pick your desired lighting. After figuring that, you can have fun choosing colors and exploring different options of lighting that fit your purpose. The led lightings are so diverse; there’s something for everyone. That’s all you need to know for now. Will be back soon with another topic; till then, stay safe and happy with LED lights shopping!

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