9 Types of Electrical Outlets To Make Any Home Hazard Free

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There are many different types of electrical outlet receptacles, and every one is unique. Whether you're looking for a new outlet or need to fix the old one, you must understand your options.

And also need to realize what makes them unique, so when the time comes to invest in something as fundamental as this, everything will be clear-cut from the start.

9 Types of Electrical Outlets For Any Space

GFCI Outlets

GFCI outlets are best suited for places close to water. Indoors include bathrooms, kitchens, basements, crawlspaces, and laundry areas, but you can also use them outdoors.

These outlets constantly track the current flow and trip (or cut off power) upon sensing a spike or leap in the current with an interrupter circuit that immediately kicks on when it detects dangerous power surges near water sources.

This is because direct contact may indicate electric shock hazards near these locations, such as bathroom sinks or washing machines nearby.

AFCI Outlets

When there is a loose connection on an electrical circuit, the electricity can jump from one wire to another. This phenomenon creates plenty of sparks and buzzing sounds but also generates lots of heat! That's why homeowners need to make sure their wiring system has AFCI outlets installed so that if any arcing occurs, they know about it right away and don't risk fires or burning down their homes.

You might not always be awake and fully alert in some parts of your home, but you can install GFCI outlets to keep electrical hazards away. This is a necessary safety precaution for bedrooms and kitchens or laundry areas where food preparation happens; this makes it an excellent option for kitchen countertops, too!

Smart Receptacle Outlet

Technology has made it possible to control your home like never before. Modern electrical outlets feature built-in mechanisms for monitoring power usage. It can switch on or off following a program or schedule - making them great for things you want running at specific times of day (like lawn sprinklers).

Moreover, they prevent power leakage from poorly programmed electronics that might be left plugged in all the time. You're also able to operate these remotely using Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Zwave protocols with voice commands through Google Home and Amazon Echo devices!

Tamper-Resistant Receptacles

Electrical outlets that can't be tampered with by children are now mandatorily installed in new construction. These outlets have a built-in physical barrier to prevent foreign objects from entering the outlet and only open when you insert a two-pronged or grounded plugin.

As an added benefit for parents who want their child safe at home without being shocked if they try tampering with it, this is highly recommended as installing these will guarantee safety while still giving your house its sparkle!

120 Volt, 15A Outlets

The two-pronged outlets are the cheapest and old electrical outlet types on the market. It provides an ungrounded connection that can potentially lead to electric shock.

The three-pronged version includes a ground pin used to prevent shocks from loose wiring, but it's also more expensive than its counterpart.

Either way, these prime candidates need upgrading shortly after installation or replacement due to safety concerns when dealing with appliances of low voltage and amperage demands like light home uses.

125 Volt, 20A Outlets

These electrical outlet plug points are designed to provide more power, up to 20 amps. They differ from the standard outlet in that there is a smaller horizontal slot alongside the vertical ground slot.

Additionally, some plugs may fit nicely into these sockets - including those for washing machines and dishwashers!

250 Volt, 20A Outlets

If you've got a high-end air conditioner, hobby shop equipment, or other large appliances that require even higher power levels than the 20A outlets in your house can provide, then this is the electrical socket you need.

Before installing these 250-volt outlets, though - they will work only with properly installed double-pole circuits and breakers (a job best left to an electrician), so don't get them mixed up!

Switched Outlets

The best solution for appliances or lights that you want to keep plugged in always is a switched outlet. This unit integrates an electrical socket and switch.

So, if the appliance isn't running, it can be flipped off with the click of a button without disconnecting from its power source by removing plugs. You don't need any extra wiring or new electric boxes - just plug and play!

USB Outlets

Technology is constantly advancing, but now you can take charge of your charging needs with USB wall outlets. These allow for easy and convenient battery recharging without having to worry about finding additional ports on a computer, laptop, or outlet strip.

All that's needed are an empty socket near the wall in any room and cables from one device that plug into this new charger unit right out of their box!

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