5 Things Nobody Tells You About Basic Electrical Tools

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Are you into DIY stuff? Do you like the idea of tinkering around with electrical tools? Not gonna lie; the idea of repairing electronic stuff on your own feels like an accomplishment; if you can get it right, that is. Repairing isn’t for everyone, to be honest! Let me tell you my story a few months back. 

One day, my desk fan decided to stop working. So, being the technical geniuses me and brother are (we aren’t) we decided to take matters in our hand. The end result was beyond repair; it’s a train-wreck! While trying to fix the fan, we damaged it completely. The reason was we weren’t using the proper tools for fixing the fan and ended up screwing up the fan even more. So much that we actually needed a real technician to repair it. Yeah, that’s a massive fail!

You can take two major lessons from the mistake I made. Number one, don’t try to fix things when you are a noobie. Number two, use the right tools if you decide to ignore lesson number one! But in all seriousness, you need to keep basic electrical tools at home in case of an emergency. They are also known as power tools. So if you are just starting with your DIY/ fixing adventure, here are some important things to keep in mind.

1. Your Toolbox Collection

If you don’t have your toolbox ready yet, now is a pretty good time to do so. You can either buy an entire tools box, or you can collect tools one by one, according to your preference. Here are some ideal electrical tools that are very useful.

Know These Things About Electric Tools Before Buying

Electrical Screwdrivers: A screwdriver is a basic tool for fastening and loosening screws from hardware. The role of screws is to hold the hardware pieces together. And to open up the pieces, a screwdriver is required. Screwdrivers come in various shapes, sizes, and variations.

Electrical Pliers: Electrical pliers are used to hold, twist, bend, compress and cut electrical wires. They come in various shapes and sizes, but the standard pliers are side-cutting and long nose pliers.

Electrical Drill & Bits: An electric drill is a tool to drill holes on hard surfaces like walls, metallic sheets, gates, doors, etc. The drill bits are patterned rods that are used to drill the hole. The bits come in various shapes.

Measuring Tape: The safest tool out of all, measuring tapes do as their name suggests. They are used to measure the length and height of elements. For example, if you need to drill a hole into a wall 10 inches above the ground, the measuring tape will give you the exact measurement.

Crimping Tool Set: A crimping tool or a wire crimper is used to connect a wire to the terminal, connector, or lug without the soldering. A crimper connects the wire to a metallic part.

Voltage Tester: A voltage tester is used for every electrical project or repairing work to determine the presence of an electrical current between one point to another. 

A Flashlight: A flashlight is a compact light used during working in the dark, for example, dark boxes, computer hardware, etc. Besides electric requirements, a flashlight comes in handy to walk around in a dark place or use as a light substitute.

2. Ask Yourself Important Questions Regarding The Tools

Ask yourself, which tools do you actually need? Are you experienced enough to use such and such tools? For example, if you never used a drilling machine or a voltage tester, you should skip buying it unless you really need them. That way, you can save money from wasting unnecessary tools that will bring you no utility. In my humble opinion, I think buying a tool kit is a waste of money if you don’t use all the equipment inside it. Also, while using electrical tools, don’t forget to ensure if the tools (screwdrivers, drilling machine, pliers, crimping tool) are insulated properly. A properly insulated tool safeguards you from coming in contact with electricity.

3. Be Mindful About The Safety Precaution

After you have figured out what you want, you should keep your safety your utmost priority. Be mindful of what to buy and where to keep the tools. Unsafe power tools can cause serious injury to you and your family. Also, keep in mind if you have babies or children around, be more cautious with your tools. Don’t just keep them lying here and there. Don’t rely on well-reputed tool brands without researching yourself. Always read reviews and testimonies before buying them. Learn more about their warranty, pros, and cons. Check the product description to learn more about the model you are thinking of purchasing. 

4. Consider The Cost Of The Tools

Remember, the actual cost of a power tool goes beyond the tag. So don’t look at the price tag much. Instead, look at the quality of the tool. Which one will you choose? A low-priced tool that’s made of cheap materials and looks cheap as hell? Or, the same tool crafted with high-quality materials that ensures much more safety measures for some additional bucks? Of course, the latter. But that doesn’t mean you will pay hundreds and thousands of dollars just for a screwdriver. The best way to get a better-priced tool is to compare it with different stores both online and offline. That way, you get to save some money. Also, when buying online, always make sure you are purchasing tools from an authentic store.

5. Bare Tools Or Nah?

Do you want to buy bare tools? Bare tools are tools that include no batteries in them. Precisely, you have to buy the battery yourself. Lots of shops sell bare tools because they are cheaper to buy and that users can buy a good quality battery by themselves. Cordless tools always use the same type of battery, so they are readily available in shops. However, just because I told you that cordless tools most of the time use similar batteries doesn’t mean they always will. Consider what type of battery the power tools are compatible with. Keep the battery size and the tool’s model in mind when buying the batteries. 

There you go! 5 very important electrical tools and equipment to keep inside your toolbox. In a nutshell, buy electrical tools that consist of proper insulation, have good safety ratings, and have a warranty. Need basic tools? Check Electric Supply Depot to buy basic electrical tools like drill bits and saws.

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